Amontillado La Cigarrera
12.00 € - Botella de 75cl - 17 % Vol.

Produced from totally fermented Palomino grape juice, submitted to a double crianza (vintage growth. Minimum of 12 months in oak barrels), the firststage takes place beneath the protection of a flower veil, like a Manzanilla, the second oxidising stage (with the addition of vinous alcohol up to 17%) continues until the disappearance of the natural flower veil, provoking direct oxidisation. Topaz and amber in colour with a sharp, fading bouquet. Smooth with a full palate. Goes very well with soups, consomes, white meats, blue fish (tuna), mushrooms and semi-cured cheeses.Equally good with vegetables. Serve between 13 and 14 centigrade.

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